Saturday | October 7, 2017 | 7:30pm

Pre-Concert Talk at 7:00pm
Harriet Johnson Auditorium | Somsen Hall
Winona State University | Winona, MN

Frederick the Great Symphony No. 4 in A Major
John Rutter Suite Antique
Rachel Haug Root, Flute Soloist
Giuseppe Verdi Symphony for Strings in E Minor

The Fall Concert brings the audience on a journey through the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

Frederick the Great’s Symphony No. 4 in A Major offers a historic look into the 1700s.  The self-proclaimed King of Prussia, Fredrick the Great was known for his military victories, patronage of the arts, and as a gifted musician and composer.

Giuseppe Verdi was an Italian opera composer.  His Symphony for Strings in E Minor was first written as a string quartet in 1873 during a production of Aida in Naples. This rare composition is the only surviving chamber music work by Verdi.

Suite Antique was composed in 1979 by John Rutter, an English composer and founder of the Cambridge Singers. Featuring strings, harpsichord, and solo flute, this baroque-era work is said to have a bossa nova feel with its upbeat syncopation and playful arrangement. Click here to learn more about our Flute Soloist, Rachel Haug Root.

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